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Let’s Go Baby-o! (2011)


A young child and his cousin play actions games together, but in between they stop to look out the window. What do they see?

Let’s Go Baby-o! is a fun-filled story for sharing with young children who are discovering the world around them.
Published as a board book in 2012.

Notable Book, Children’s Book Council Awards.

Make It I’m the Mother (2000)


One morning at kindergarten, Pascal and his friends learn how how to resolve their differences when they all have their own ideas about how to play their game.

Make It I’m the Mother is a funny, honest and affectionate story that many children will relate to, learn from and enjoy.

Josh and the Ducks (1998)



Josh likes to be in on everything, but these two ducks won’t let him play. They don’t like dog games…or do they?

Josh and the Monster (1998)



Josh and his friend are off to find the Monster of Mud. Up and over the mountain they go…but where is the monster hiding? And can Josh catch that Monster?

Josh and Thumper (1997)



Josh is the best friend a child could have. One day he finds something in the garden…sniff, sniff…it’s black and round and goes thump! What can it be?

Notable Book, Children’s Book Council Awards.

Josh (1997)



Meet Josh…he likes to be in on everything – making the bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast, playing games and learning new tricks. Josh is the best friend a child could have.

Honour Book (Picture Book of the Year), Children’s Book Council Awards.

Cats’ Whiskers (1996)


Meet Monica, Max, Minerva, Lin, Roly and Jake – six characterful cats – and the children who live with them. Discover all the funy things they get up to, and follow the love story of Monica and Jake. Cats’ Whiskers is a wonderfully rich picture book for children to explore, and for cat lovers to relish.

Cat Goes To Sea (1994)


When Cat goes to sea on a fishing boat named Snowflake, he meets the gruffest, grumpiest captain you could ever imagine. All day long, the captain bosses the crew around – ‘Scrub this, mend that, wash the other!’ When a wild storm hits the captain’s pig-headedness puts the boat and the crew at great risk. Can Cat’s quick thinking bring them all safely home?

Dog Tales (1993)



An affectionate look at the daily life of Groats, Hamish, Josh, Heather and Peg, five lovable dogs that are guaranteed to become family friends. Full of funny incidents and telling details, this is a rich book for children to explore, discuss and revisit again and again.

Honour Book (Picture Book of the Year), Children’s Book Council Awards.

Oh Kipper (1991)


Sonja the bag lady and Kipper the dog are friends. They get on well enough most of the time, sharing their life on the city streets. But Kipper is young and full of beans; he likes to race around and play. Sonja likes to think and draw and take things slowly. One day Kipper runs away, but he and Sonja soon find out how much they need each other. Oh Kipper! is a touching story about the ups and downs of relationships that all children and adults will understand.

Hector and Maggie (1990)



Hector, the bossy rooster, meets his match when a new sheepdog named Maggie arrives. After a chase that takes them all over the farmyard, they both learn some things about peaceful coexistence.

Honour Book (Picture Book of the Year) Children’s Book Council Awards.  

Fire-Engine Lil (1989)



Old fire-engine Lil is still keen to fight fires, but these days she usually sits in the station while the smart modern engines do all the work. But one day there is an emergency at Brown’s Farm, and Lil is the only one who can help. Will she get there in time to save the farmhouse and all the people and animals?

Fire Engine Lil addresses the serious topic of bush fires in a way that is just right for young children.

Jenny and the Night of the Storm (1982)



One Night when Jenny is camping with her family, a storm begins to brew. Jenny is frightened and she can’t sleep. She soon discovers that she is not the only one who is a little afraid. When a crowd of local animals arive at Jenny’s tent door looking for shelter, what will Jennie do?

The Steam Train Crew (1981)



The Steam Train Crew is the tale of Norm, Alf and George and their ‘runaway’ streamtrain. When the crew become distracted by some delicious looking blackberries ripe for picking, their train gets away – will they be able to recapture their steam train before it’s too late?

Shortlisted (Picture Book of the Year), Children’s Book Council Awards.

The Riverboat Crew (1978)



When Captain Bill and Stoker Gus swap jobs to prove who is the most important person on the boat, things go awry. Who turns out to be the most important member of the crew?

Commended (Picture Book of the Year), Children’s Book Council Awards

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