Bob the Railway Dog – First US edition 2016

Bob the Railway Dog is now published in America by Candlewick Press. Based on a true story, ‘Bob’ is written by Corinne Fenton and illustrated by my husband, Andrew McLean. The story is set in the early days of the Australian railroad. As legend has it Bob took advantage of the the new form of transport by ‘riding the rails’… ‘His favourite spot was on a Yankee engine or on the coal tender…’

Here is a link to a review at Creative Kids Tales

Bob front endpaper In the outback, before trains and…

  Bob Back endpaper


Page 12 (Colour) c

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Prompted by my daughter Alex to get blogging I’m going to publish my first post – Now! before the clock strikes 12.

Bob the Railway Dog                                                                                                                   On Saturday 3 August we celebrated the launch of Bob the Railway Dog (Black Dog Books) with author, Corinne Fenton, and around 50 other people squeezed into the Railfan shop in Mont Albert, Melbourne. My husband Andrew illustrated the story.


Bob the Railway Dog “is the true story of a little dog who had adventure in his heart and the rattle of the rails in his soul. In the early days of the railway, when shiny new tracks were opening vast areas of Australia, there was an adventurous dog who was part of it all. As the tracks were being laid he was there on the train – riding in his favourite spot on top of the Yankee engine. Everyone knew him. He was Bob the Railway Dog”.

Andrew and Corinne cutting the cake

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