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Packing for the Journey – a lifetime of stories



A Springboard for Learning and Life 

,On this blog  I share stories that I have lived or am living, and stories that I have heard. They have all affected, or are affecting the way I think and the way I live my life.                                                                                                                                  

  • Stories about myself and my family (a never-ending story)
  • Stories about people and experiences that have affected how I think and try to be.   
  • Stories about children
  • Stories by children.
  • Stories about Play, Storytelling and Storyacting as a pathway to Being, Belonging and Knowing
  • Stories about picture books I have written – with my husband Andrew McLean mcleanpicturebooks.com
  • Links to Teacher Notes I have written for picture books published by Working Title Press  at Working Title Press 
  • Linked to Andrew McLean, painter at andrewmcleanpaintings.com       

In 1946 I was born in Melbourne, Australia. This is when I started packing for my journey. Although like everyone, my story starts long before I was born. I went to school, became a kindergarten (preschool) teacher, got married, travelled, had three children, became a writer, and I have three grandchildren (so far).

I am no longer teaching, after working on and off as an early childhood educator for nearly 50 years.

The last place I worked in was Aboriginal Child and Family Centre. I left that job a different person from when I started. Being within that community changed  my view of the world, and of myself.

Now I am looking back, thinking about what my life has been for the past 70 years – and who and what has influenced me to arrive at this point in the journey.