About the Journey

“We made a list of the things to be taken, and a pretty lengthy one it was,”
Excerpt From: Jerome K. Jerome. “Three Men in a Boat”, Project Gutenberg.

everything out of homeWhy are you taking everything out of the home corner?
We’re making a cubby


Packing for the Journey is packed with stories by and about children, and by and about me. Here you will find adventure, comedy, drama and melodrama, fable and fantasy, memoir and myth, parables and pot-boilers, love and romance, sequels and serials.

There are many different ways to create stories, and here you will find them all –  chatting and chin-wagging, storyplaying , storytelling and storywriting, painting, drawing, and singing and dancing,

Many of the stories are drawn from my time as a teacher at Yarralea Children’s Centre in Alphington Victoria Australia 1984-1989 / 1993-2001

Others are drawn from my own experiences of growing up in post WW2 Melbourne, with two older brothers, and parents, who, after the war, were committed to fighting for a peaceful and and just world.

For ten years now I have enjoyed being with my grandchildren, ‘the brothers’, Rory, Otto and Fraser.  I have watched them play, and listened to and shared their stories. Some of their stories are in here too.